Successful Hit Songwriting

Rule One 

Song Introductions Matter Most

by David Brogan (c) 2012

  • A song starts at the beginningThis is the single most important element to consider for today’s potential hit songwriter. Glaringly obvious we might say, but there are still those who would have you thinking otherwise. They would have you believe that the song’s single most important element still remains in either the chorus, the title, or the song’s major hook – (if this is not the title itself). In the past when radio and television ruled the airwaves, this advice was most probably correct. But things have changed recently.
  • Write songs that are primarily Internet friendly – not Radio friendly. The rules have changed. Audiences are now primarily searching for and listening to their music online – Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, ReverbNation, Myspace, and a variety of other social media platforms. The major difference…

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Successful Hit Songwriting

Rule Two

The First Line

by David Brogan (c) 2012

  • How to begin – First impressions still count. Following on from Rule One,  first lines will not get a second chance. Dress to impress. Rise and shine. If you were going out on a ‘blind’ first date, wouldn’t you make an effort? I imagine you’d probably invest quite some energy, time, and money into maximising your appeal to a prospective date. After all, this could potentially lead to a lifelong relationship. Likewise, if we were attending an all-important job interview, wouldn’t we research the firm, attempt to anticipate every potential question and reply, and ensure we presented ourselves in the best possible light? Wouldn’t we want to communicate in a friendly conversational tone and make a lasting first impression on others that outshines all competition?
  • Invest –Your song IS that first date, that all-important job interview. Invest all…

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When Love Finds You


Words and Music by David Brogan (c) Copyright 2012, All rights reserved.

When Love Finds You – 2012 New rare ‘Behind the scenes’ studio footage video compiled for the original version of this song track written by David Brogan.

Featuring Justin Grant – Vocals | Peter O’ Hanlon –  Guitar | Connie Doherty – Bass | Tony Phillips – Drums | David Brogan – Piano.

Recorded, mixed, and produced at Amberville Studios, Cullybackey, Northern Ireland by Michael Feeny and Enda Walsh. Former #1 Rock track on Soundclick | Garageband | NumberOneMusic